Organizations are a superpower for humanity.


They help us thrive. Yet many organizations are failing to thrive – or just plain failing – because they’re not able to adapt fast enough to our volatile, uncertain, fast-changing world.

Bob helps organizations unleash their superpowers by designing future-ready systems that help teams work more effectively now, and adapt more easily to future changes.

His talks explore: What makes organizations and teams succeed? Why do they fail? How can we work together more successfully? 



what i talk

Future Ready.
By Design.

Agile Leadership.

The Future-Ready Organization

Disengaged employees. Turnover. Only 34% of employees are fully engaged at work – and 17% are actively disengaged, meaning they work against the objectives of their employer (Gallup, 2018).  

What’s going wrong?

There is a mismatch between our volatile, uncertain, fast-changing world and how leaders organize work – and lead. Leaders are using outmoded leadership practices when newer approaches are far more effective.

Teams today need to be able to adapt quickly, grow and learn. Forward-thinking leaders are putting new systems and approaches to use. Solutions can be simple – just one new leadership approach implemented can have a positive ripple impact on a team and an organization.     

Bob Gower has extensive experience helping people adopt new leadership approaches and systems. These organizations are agile, performing at the highest level now, and able to quickly adapt to future changes. Bob shares stories and examples that educate, entertain, and inspire.

In this thought-provoking and engaging talk, your audience learns practical steps to become Agile Leaders. They learn how to:

  • Create organizational responsiveness.

  • Lead via intention and setting context.

  • Use best practices for making people responsible for their work.

  • Identify Theory X and Theory Y people and organizations.

  • Build the essential element of trust.

  • Distribute authority effectively.

Organizations are a human superpower! Learn how to mobilize that power to create teams and organizations that are flexible, responsive, agile. Your leaders learn how to make your organization Future Ready. By Design.


what i talk

By Design not Default

Faster, Better, Happier

First Principles of Better Organizations

Faster: Do more with less.  Better: Improve the quality of our products and services.  Happier: Create a culture that attracts great people who are engaged in their work.

Faster. Better. Happier.  It’s what we all want. And—it’s a challenge.  In today’s fast-moving world, companies know speed is vital. But do leaders understand how to manage workflow?  Adding more people may slow the process not speed it up.

Faster (efficient), Better (quality), and Happier (culture) are interdependent. You can’t get one without the others—at least not for long.  Improving one is easier when the other two are healthy. To deliver high quality, fast, with happy customers, teams must be high functioning.

Bob Gower helps people adopt new leadership approaches and systems to become agile: teams performing at the highest level now, and able to quickly adapt to future changes.  Bob shares the principles from Agile and Lean Startup, which can benefit all organizations. Companies already implementing agile and lean processes gain big-picture clarity.

Excellent, innovative work is done by a team—not a group. In this fast-paced, research-based session, Bob Gower shares insights and techniques to get teams truly collaborating.  Audiences learn how to:

  • Foster the fundamentals of speed: throughput, cycle time, slack and Work In Process.

  • Advance the 8 principles of fast and productive teams.

  • Develop “burstiness”—it beats brainstorming for innovation.

  • Cultivate a culture that builds trust and helps people perform at their best.

Audiences learn new, more effective models to maximize the flow and quality of work, and develop a culture that attracts and retains the best people.  They learn how to create the conditions for teams that are Faster, Better, Happier. It’s a virtuous cycle: Making things faster and better makes people happy—and happy people make things faster and better.




what i talk

The Art of
Teams Together

Radical Alignment

How to Have Game-Changing Conversations

Teams go off track. Deals fall apart. Misunderstandings. At the heart of it? Conversations gone wrong. Conversations not even held.

Our work, our lives, depend on conversations. Yet even simple discussions can lead to misunderstanding and conflict. The higher the stakes, the more likely the conversation – and outcome – will go off the rails. Even when there is general agreement on the desired outcome!

It doesn’t have to be this way. What’s missing is a shared and explicit understanding and empathy for the nuances of each other’s position. When we take a moment to explore and share our specific desires and concerns, we not only avoid trouble, we create “radical alignment” – a sense of being fully in tune with the people we’re collaborating with.  And buy-in to the outcome skyrockets.

Knowing how to get in alignment, to create common cause, builds trust and empathy—and leads to successful outcomes. When teams are engaged and aligned they move faster, achieve more, and produce higher quality work.

Bob Gower helps organizations adopt new approaches to leadership and teamwork, to become agile: teams performing at the highest level now, and able to quickly adapt to future changes.

In this fast-paced talk full of research-based insights, Bob uses stories and examples to make his points memorable. Your audience learns practical steps to improve teamwork, including how to:

  • Move from a team of “Maybe” to a team of “Yes!”

  • Build engagement via trust, psychological safety and empathy.

  • Establish psychological safety, the key to effective teams.

  • Use tactical empathy to understand other perspectives.

  • Gain alignment through the All In model: Intentions, Concerns, Boundaries, Dreams.

Compliance is a “Maybe.”  Engagement is an all in, “Yes!”  “Maybe” is the enemy, because we need people’s full abilities.  Your audience learns the ins and outs of creating a high functioning team, and the All In model to hold powerful, clear conversations to gain radical alignment with others.