Is your organization performing as well as you know it can?  Will it grow by chance — or by design?  

I help leaders create aligned action – for themselves and their teams –  so they can achieve strategic and operational excellence.

You can work with me in a few different ways: 

  • Executive Coaching & AdvisoryRegular 1:1 Support for C-Suite Executives

  • Team Coaching & Facilitation — Offsite Meetings for Leadership Teams

  • Non-Agile Agile Training — Team Level-Set and Process Refresh

  • Organization Transformation — Six-Week to Six-Month Consulting Engagements

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Executive Coaching & Advisory

Regular 1:1 Support for C-Suite Executives 

We meet regularly to make sense of your world – and keep you motivated and growing as a leader. My approach is a hybrid of coaching and consulting. 

As a Certified Positive Psychology Practitioner and coach I help you source your own solutions and improve your self-awareness as a leader. 

I also draw on my 20+ years as a leader and management consultant to offer advice and direction on strategy, organization design and team development. 

I ask all coaching clients to commit to an initial 6-month program. We meet in-person and/or online 2-4 times each month. Your program begins with a personal assessment and goal setting process so we know where we are and where we are going. 

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Team Coaching & Facilitation

Offsite Meetings for Leadership Teams 

We bring your team together to connect, align and get things done. 

Great team performance is dependent not only on the intelligence and skills of team members (the team’s IQ), but also on how well they interact and work together (the team’s EQ). 

Solving complex problems is best done by a diverse team bringing a variety of skills and perspectives to the table. This diversity generates cognitive friction, divergent thinking and creativity, however the team needs to come into alignment and move forward together – decisively and with confidence – or nothing gets done. 

I craft customized agendas to help your team work though difficult problems and emerge clear, aligned and ready for action. These meetings can be part of your regular quarterly and annual planning cadence or stand-alone meetings to address a specific challenge or opportunity. 

Depending on the size of the group and nature of the challenges you face I work alone or with a team of collaborators from my firm Ethical Ventures.

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Non-Agile Agile Training 

Team Level-Set and Process Refresh

I spent several years working as an agile coach and consultant and developed a deep knowledge of processes and tools from well-defined agile frameworks like Scrum, Kanban, XP, and SAFe. 

I also have deep experience applying team-of-team organization structures and practices from frameworks like Holacracy and Sociocracy) in organizations ranging from startups to large corporations. 

This work gave me an appreciation for the power of these tools but also their limitations. I believe that the best “agile” systems are homegrown hybrids developed by the team doing the work and customized to your local conditions and culture. 

In these “non-agile agile trainings” I provide an overview of agile methods and terminology as well as peak under the hood at the first-principles – from psychology, team development, and lean system design – that make them work. 

I then lead your team through a review of their current challenges and help choose and adopt the practices most likely to help. 

These trainings are one- or two-day events and are appropriate for both technical and non-technical teams. They can be supplemented with ongoing coaching support as needed. 

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Organization Transformation 

Six-Week to Six-Month Consulting Engagements 

Ethical Ventures – the boutique management consulting firm I co-founded – blends classical and next-generation frameworks in strategy, organization design, leadership development and social responsibility to help our clients achieve breakthrough performance. 

We deliver actionable programs in four main areas:

  • Strategic Management: Strategic Planning and Development Strategy

  • Change Management: Capacity Building, Process Design, Succession, Transformation

  • Crisis Management: Diagnosis, Ethical Leadership Development, Interventions  

  • Impact Management: Governance and CSR Advisory

We take a whole-systems approach. We use our proprietary SCOPe canvas to assess your organizational performance and help you develop realistic plans for your organization along four interdependent dimensions.

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