Bob takes big ideas and distills them into desirable calls to action.

He inspires leaders to care for the people in their companies and to implement new technologies and adopt new ways of leading, organizing, and working. He writes about how good companies foster positive workplace cultures, use smarter business practices, and unlock the power of community. He’s been featured in several publications including: Forbes, Inc., The Huffington Post, Pando, Container13, Simple Programmer, and Productive Flourishing.

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selected articles


This Simple 3-Step Formula Can Help You Run Great Meetings

Nobody likes meetings--but you'd be surprised how little it takes to make them bearable and productive.


The 1 Thing Top Performers Ask Before Taking Any Job

The most important part of a job offer isn't the salary, title, or perks. It's this.


Skills won’t get you promoted — here’s what will.

You don’t need more technical skill to get ahead. Here’s what you actually need.


Agile: Are You Doing it Right?

“Should we adopt agile?” “Are we doing agile well?”


Don’t try to create a positive workplace. Do this instead.

There are few things more infuriating than being told to smile — or worse — to “lighten up.”


In the Company of a Group

Groups are an essential and important feature of being human.


In the Company of a Group (part 2)

We are one of the most social species that’s ever existed — second only to ants, bees, and termites …


Exploit Variability, Don’t Eliminate It

If you don’t understand complexity and consciously work with it, it will eat your business for lunch. Here’s how to take yourself off the menu.


The Epidemic of “Performative” Care

Will someone please stop the pseudo-caring movement?by Bob Gower and Srini Pillay, M.D.


Aligning Purpose

The wall between IT and business is killing your ability to create real value.


Faster, Better, Happier: Principles for building great stuff together.

The mindset, processes, and tools that will help you be more efficient, improve quality and create better organizational culture


The Efficiency Trap: doing more isn't always doing better

The industrial age was built on efficiency – the information isn’t.


Why you need to think like a chef — not a cook

Cooks choose a recipe but chefs write them.


Moving Faster Part #1: Throughput

When people ask a team to speed up they are usually thinking about throughput – but what is it?


Moving Faster Part #2: Cycle Time

The amount of time it takes me to get my stuff – not how much stuff the system produces


Moving Faster Part #3: Workflow

How to maximize throughput and minimize cycle-time and move really fast.


Moving Faster Part #4: Let's Get Small

When it comes to doing the most work in the least time, size matters – a lot.


Moving Faster Part #5: Human to Human

Conversation between people working in a system is the best way to improve that system's performance